The two Kusals, Perera and Mendis at the crease together after Thirimanne’s wicket 16:40 SL 144/3 (21.4 overs) Kusal Mendis walks in 21.3 Nabi to K Mendis, 2 runs, just past slip! 21.4 Nabi to K Mendis, OUT, and slip takes it this time! Floater on off and Mendis plays it on the front foot, isn’t to the pitch and the edge is a simple catch for Rahmat Shah. He has struck twice in one over! K Mendis c Rahmat b Nabi 2(2)

  • SL 144/1 (21 overs)20.1 Hassan to Thirimanne, 2 runs, soft tap to mid wicket and they come back for two20.2 Hassan to Thirimanne, 1 run.20.3 Hassan to K Perera, DOT, searing length ball and it keeps rising on its way just past Perera’s edge. Unplayable!20.4 Hassan to K Perera, 2 runs, wide of third man20.5 Hassan to K Perera, DOT, short ball left alone20.6 Hassan to K Perera, DOT, past the edge again and this time its the outswinger16:29SL 139/1 (20 overs)19.1 Rashid to Thirmanne, 2 runs, hit to deep extra cover19.2 Rashid to Thirmanne, DOT, spins away from him19.3 Rashid to Thirmanne, DOT, inside edge and that saves the lbw appeal!19.4 Rashid to Thirmanne, DOT.19.5 Rashid to Thirmanne,DOT, well fielded by Rashid off his own bowling19.6 Rashid to Thirmanne, 1 run, off the inside edge to square leg16:25SL 136/1 (19 overs)Hamid Hassan is back after that expensive first spell18.1 Hassan to Thirimanne, 1 run.18.2 Hassan to K Perera, 1 run, steered to third man18.3 Hassan to Thirimanne, DOT, beats the edge! Good ball from Hamid Hassan18.4 Hassan to Thirimanne, 1 run, to third man again18.5 Hassan to K Perera, 1 run, outside edge but no slip so it is safe18.6 Hassan to Thirimanne, 1 run, edge again but goes along the ground16:23SL 131/1 (18 overs)17.1 Rashid to Thirimanne, DOT.17.2 Rashid to Thirimanne, DOT.17.3 Rashid to Thirimanne, DOT.17.4 Rashid to Thirimanne, 1 run.17.5 Rashid to K Perera, 1 run, to long off17.6 Rashid to Thirimanne, 1 run, full toss but no big hit16:22View image on Twitter