The Hyderabad girl was first offered the Kannada film Hangover directed by Vittal Bhat Mahati Bikshu, the daughter of the popular Telugu acting trainers, Aruna Bhikshu and NJ Bhikshu will be shortly seen in the Kannada film Hangover. She was recently seen in the Telugu film Sita in which she played the wife of Sonu Sood. Though Hangover was the first film she acted in, it is releasing after the Telugu film. So, how did a girl from a family with links to Tollywood make her debut in Sandalwood instead? Kannada director Vittal Bhat was attending an acting class with the senior Bhikshus. When he saw Mahati, he narrated the story of the film he was planning to direct and asked her which role she would prefer. Mahati liked the character of Chetana. Bhat promptly handed her an envelope with money and said it was the advance for her remuneration. Bhat returned to Bengaluru. Mahati was unsure if Bhat had actually cast her in his film. She confirmed with him on phone. When she realised that Bhat was serious, she began learning Kannada.