Actor Rakshit Shetty will return to social media on July 5, a day before he celebrates his birthday. It was nearly a year ago that he bid adieu unceremoniously. His team has announced that the return will be a “birthday gift to all Rakshit Shetty fans. After a long hiatus on social media, Rakshit Shetty will be back on all platforms on the eve of his birthday.” Shetty had deleted all three social media accounts he was active on; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It will be a little different this time around. Though it will be his official accounts that are making a comeback it will be his digital team that will handle all the updates from him. Before he deleted the accounts last year, Shetty stopped posting for a few days as trolls went berserk with his personal life. After a last statement, he deleted the accounts. “His fans have been demanding his come back and Rakshit has thought of this as birthday gift to his fans. Rakshit Shetty’s digital team will handle all the updates from the star and ensure they have their share of love from the star,” a statement from his team said. The reason cited for the actor not personally handling the accounts is his busy schedule. “Rakshit will be busy with the post production of Avane Sirmannarayana and does not want his fans to miss out on any action; which is why all of the updates and happenings will be posted by his team; personally the actor will not be on the forums,” the statement said.