Shooting for Shiva Rajkumar’s new film Royal In Field will start in October. The film to be directed by AP Arjun was announced in January and should have started a few months ago. But with Arjun delaying the release of his previous film Kiss, Shiva Rajkumar started work on Bhajarangi 2 produced by Jayanna. Speaking to Mirror, Arjun said that shooting for Royal In Field will start sometime in late October. “We are finalising the cast and crew. It should take some more time. But the timeline we have agreed on says shooting should start by end of October,” Arjun said. Shiva Rajkumar’s character will be seen in three ages. One of it is as 72-year-old. “The film starts with Shivanna as a 72-year-old. This is sometime in the future. The story progresses in the reverse order. In the current times, he is shown as a middle-aged man. In the final getup, sometime in the 1990s, he is a youngster. Shivanna approved the story sometime back, but the delay with my other film delayed the launch,” Arjun said.”The film offers something unique. The story has a strong emotional content. There is a love story. There is action with one shade of the character involving in rowdyism. And then, there is a chapter on the bond between a father and daughter. Shivanna is shown in three different get-ups in three different age groups. This is a genre that is even new for him,” he said. Meanwhile, rumours that director AP Arjun has taken over the production of the film Kiss has shocked the producer. Speaking to Mirror, producer V Ravikumar said that the rumour has come as a shock to him. The rumours took flight with it being shared as genuine news and quotes being attributed to Arjun. “It is nothing but rumours. If anyone had verified with me or the director, it would have ended there. This has just created bad blood without any basis,” he said. The film has been in the making for three years now. The film was announced to be released on February 14 this years after much delay. But the release was deferred. “The film will release in June. We are preparing for it. The rumour was in bad taste. The producer has invested so much in the film and is a very close friend. The rumours did upset us,” said Arjun.