Bangalore Mirror reporters carried out a spot check in a handful of coaching centres in different parts of the city — all of them had very narrow passages, no fire exits and no fire-fighting equipment. What’s worse, they are located in areas where fire tenders will have a tough time reaching Since the fire accident that killed 20 students in a coaching class in Surat two weeks ago, we decided to check how fire-safe Bengaluru’s coaching classes were. With almost every high school, pre-university and professional college student holed up in a coaching class, these should be the only bright sparks in a tuition class. Unfortunately a lot of Bengaluru’s coaching classes seem to need a crash course in fire safety.Bangalore Mirror reporters visited a few coaching centres situated at Koramangala, Ulsoor, Hennur Cross and Indiranagar. And what we saw was frightening. These buildings could be Surat all over again, where coaching classes are located on the second or third floor of a building. With just a narrow staircase for access, it is hardly able to accommodate two people at a time. Akash Institute, situated on 100 ft Road Indiranagar, above Apollo Clinic, provides coaching for competitive exams. Located on the second floor of a building, it has six class rooms with a minimum of 50 students in each. It has no fire exit and the entrance is at the rear side of the building. In case of a fire, it will be tough for a fire tender to reach its entrance. The students and teachers will have to depend on a narrow staircase, since the building has no other exit. However, Lavanya, a counsellor of Akash Institute says that fire safety measures are in place at the Institute. “We have installed a fire alarm. So far no mishap has taken place,’’ says Lavanya.