BENGALURU: A 19-year-old woman fought off her neighbour, who allegedly tried to molest her, on the night of June 2 when she was alone at home. A special police team is on the lookout for the man. Based on the woman’s complaint, the man has been booked under Section 354 A (sexual harassment) of the IPC. Police said he has fled along with his family. According to the woman, who lives with her widowed mother, the man visited her house around 8pm on June 2 and tried to molest her. “I heard the bell and opened the door to find my neighbour standing there. He asked for my mother and I told him she’d gone to the market. Suddenly, he covered my mouth with his hand and pushed me towards the floor. I fell down. He locked the door and tried to molest me,” the girl stated in her complaint.”Gathering all the courage I had, I repeatedly kicked his stomach and chest. He lost grip on me, and I pushed him. I ran into the bedroom, locked it and shouted for help through the window. I heard him opening the main door,” she added. Minutes later, her mother returned and they went to the police station to file a complaint. Cops said the man has switched off his mobile and has fled with his family. Cops claim they rushed to his house immediately after receiving the complaint.