BENGALURU:If the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has its way, Bengalureans will have to deal with all the wet waste they generate by composting it on their own premises. According to a resolution passed recently, KSPCB wants the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to stop collecting wet waste from individual households and give residents the responsibility of composting it. The board is of the opinion that the present system of unscientific dumping of unsegregated waste is encouraging more landfills, which has further led to various kinds of pollution. KSPCB chairman C Jayaram told TOI the board’s resolution will soon be submitted to the urban development department for further proceedings. “The Palike can collect the compost generated by households, enrich it at processing units and give it to farmers,” he said. Jayaram, a retired IFS officer, revealed this on the sidelines of an interaction with members of Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association on Thursday. When asked whether the move will lead to littering given the practical issues of space and hygiene associated with composting, which residents often complaint about, Jayaram said there are solutions to these problems and a clearer picture will emerge in the coming days. Currently, BBMP collects wet and dry waste from individual households. But due to lack of efficiency in the system, mixed waste ends up in landfills. For bulk generators like apartment complexes (with more than 50 units) and commercial establishments, the onus of composting already lies on the occupants — they can do it on their premises or tie up with waste processing firms. But there are loopholes here as well. Jayaram said Bengaluru generates about 5,000 tonnes of waste every day. “But segregation at source is not being done properly despite more than 40% of the total waste being organic and easily compostable. Many of us come from villages where organic waste is given to cattle and dung is turned into compost for agricultural fields. After coming to the city, we seem to have forgotten village wisdom,” he noted. Sources in KSPCB said the resolution passed is applicable to other corporations and municipal bodies in the state as well. “However, we can only advise the government on such moves. Final decision is left to the decision-makers,” the source added.