BENGALURU: Cantonment railway station — the city’s oldest — handles over 100 trains a day but lacks basic amenities, including lifts, escalators, battery-operated cars and other infrastructure. “It is the most unfriendly station for senior citizens and differently abled passengers, especially for those trying to reach platforms no. 1 to 2 and 3. Some people jump across the tracks due to poor connectivity between platforms. Some two months ago, while jumping across the track, a passenger met with an accident and lost his legs,” said Nagendra M, a passenger.“Passengers coming from Benson Town side don’t have a subway or foot-overbridge, so it’s difficult for them to move from one platform to another. There is a trolley path at the end of platform no. 1 that helps the disabled move in wheelchairs. But trains with more than 24 coaches often block these trolley tracks,” said Krishna S, a daily passenger coming from Fraser Town. Mahesh L, another passenger at the station, said, “When trains get delayed, the station often gets crowded. For instance, my son was recently travelling to Guwahati and his train was delayed. The platform was so crowded that he, along with his four-yearold daughter and wife, had to spend three hours on the foot-overbridge.” Govind N, a porter at the station, said: “There is no roof on platform no. 1A, inconveniencing passengers whenever it rains.” A senior South Western Railway official said they are taking steps to improve facilities at the station. “We’re planning to convert Cantonment station into a terminal station for suburban trains with more facilities.”