BENGALURU: Pramod Kumar, a resident of JP Nagar 7th Phase, was shocked when he entered his toilet at 5.30am on Sunday. A spectacled cobra was sitting in the bowl of the western commode. Unsure how to handle the situation, Pramod called the BBMP helpline. Wildlife volunteer Rajesh Kumar rushed to the spot but he had to use all his skills to pull the snake out. It took him around 30 minutes to fish it out.Elsewhere in a Banaswadi garage, another spectacled cobra had worked its way into the bonnet of a parked car. An eyewitness said the snake was spotted around 4.45pm. Wildlife volunteer Mohan K, who had just rescued a baby cobra in the same area, arrived at the spot and pulled it out. He said the snake had taken shelter in the car after locals had chased it. Wildlife volunteers say the prolonged summer is making snakes leave their hideouts and seek respite from heat in houses. “We get several calls daily. Vehicle parking areas, gas cylinder bases, shoe racks, toilets, junk storage space, compound corners and lawns are some places where snakes are taking refuge,” said Rajesh. He added: “Apart from the heat, dirty surroundings attract snakes as they hope to find and eat rodents there,” he added. Wildlife volunteers also cautioned people not to act hastily while dealing with snakes and seek expert help. “Every week, we get about five cases of people bitten by snakes when they try to catch them. We get the most calls from Hebbal, Yelahanka, Kanakapura and RR Nagar,” said a volunteer.