Five bikers arrested over the weekend for performing stunts Where there’s a wheelie, there’s no way. Traffic police seem to be sticking to this mantra as they continue the crackdown on stunt masters in Bengaluru. Over the weekend, they booked five bikers, including a minor, for performing stunts in Yelahanka. With some youngsters taking to performing stunts and wheelies on highways and flyovers during the weekends, the city traffic started cracking down to put an end to the menace. Within five months, they have booked over 50 wheelie wonkers as against 79 such cases booked in 2018. The young thrill seekers in the city are becoming more and more troublesome, says a senior officer from the Traffic Management Committee (TMC). They drive recklessly, pull life-threatening stunts either on roads like Nice Road or speed through MG Road at odd hours. Since Bengaluru is a city that never sleeps and people are on the road at almost every hour of the day, commuting to and from work, the officer stresses that the youngsters fail to understand that in their race to impress it is not only their lives that they put at risk but also the lives of other drivers and pedestrians in the vicinity. Young girls also participate in these ‘races’ but they are always the passengers, never the riders, said a senior traffic police officer. According to the police, among the five who were booked during the weekend in Yelahanka, one is a minor while the four others belong to age group of 18-21. Three of them, including the minor, were caught in MS Palya junction on Saturday night while other two bikers were caught near Jakkur junction and Bengaluru-Ballari bypass junction. The police have taken a number of initiatives to curb stunts and risky behaviour. One such example is placing barricades on flyovers and roads to reduce the speed of vehicles. A special task force has also been formed at the station level especially for cases like these.