BENGALURU: A 36-year-old man’s body was found in the sump of his residence in Hegdenagar, Bengaluru north, on Saturday evening. Sampigehalli police said they suspect foul play in the death of Afroze Khan, a resident of Balaji Krupa Layout in Hegdenagar. They said the body was found 24 hours after his death. Afroze had quit a call centre a year ago and had been switching jobs since then.According to his wife Mehraj, they got married nine years ago and a year-and-half ago, she gave birth to a baby girl. Two weeks earlier, Mehraj went to her mother’s house, following a domestic dispute. On June 5, Afroze visited Mehraj, who told police that he was harassing her by not taking care of her. Around 3pm on June 6, Mehraj spoke to Afroze over phone. At 4pm the same day, Mehraj called Afroze again, but his phone was switched off. At three next morning, Afroze’s mother Khurshid Unnisa, called Mehraj and told her that Afroze was not at home. A worried Mehraj then began calling relatives and friends, but could not trace Afroze. Around 1.50am on Saturday, Mejraj dialled Afroze’s number. His brother Imran Khan received the call and told her that the phone was at home and he had switched it on some time earlier. At 7pm that day, Imran called Mehraj and told her that Afroze’s body was found in the sump. Sampigehalli police have filed a case of unnatural death and are investigating.