BENGALURU: The government’s sudden decision to declare Monday a holiday post noon — owing to the demise of Girish Karnad — left both parents and school managements anxious and confused. The announcement came after 12.30pm. By then, parents had already dropped their children to schools and had either had left for their workplaces or were unsure if the institutions would close for just half a day.Subramanya HV had dropped off his daughter at Chandrodaya School near his house in Hosakerehalli at 8.30am and a possible holiday meant he had to go back to pick her up, but uncertainty prevailed even at 11am. “I left for her school at 12.15pm and waited for a message from them. I could see kids from other schools loitering around the area,” said the MNC employee. Many parents spent a stressful day at work. “My husband and I work in Manyata Tech Park, and our and home and our daughter’s school are in different parts of the city. I spent the whole day calling my neighbour. Though my daughter’s school functioned as usual, I was tense till I got home,” said Saniya Kumari, whose daughter is a class 3 student of a school near Cunningham Road. Subramanya’s daughter Shonita Rao, a pre-nursery student, was lucky unlike her classmates whose parents were already at work and the kids had to be picked by the daycare staff. “I can imagine what their parents must have gone through,” he said, wondering why the authorities couldn’t have declared a holiday early in the morning itself. “Everyone knew about it at 7am. I don’t understand why there was a delay,” he rued. It led to safety concerns: Headmistress Prashanthi Shashikanth, headmistress of Blossom School in Bagalkunte, echoed the concern. She waited for the circular till 12.30pm to announce a holiday. Calling it an unproductive day, she said: “We sent voice messages to parents about the circular. Parents who depend on vans for their children’s commute were confused. While some of them could make it to school, others sent their neighbours to pick up kids, which gave rise to safety concerns,” Prashanthi explained. Prashanthi and some parents felt the sudden decision diluted the value of the day, adding that the authorities could have announced a holiday on Tuesday instead. “Children didn’t understand why the holiday was declared and no explanation was provided to them,” said Prashanthi, who asked her son to stay in his school till the end of the day as she was busy with her own institution. ‘Hasty decision’ Shashi Kumar D, general secretary of Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Private Schools in Karnataka (KAMS), said such a hasty decision from the government put school managements in a spot. “A decision that put children at risk, created confusion and led to problems for everyone should have been taken with a little more consideration,” Kumar said. Schools were recommended not to close abruptly and to assure parents their wards were safe, he said. This meant a majority of schools functioned as usual but not without creating ripples of worry among parents. “Thankfully, my son’s school was clear about the fact that there was no holiday on Monday or Tuesday. But the news of the government declaring a holiday kept our phones buzzing through the day,” said Zuhen Hussain, whose son studies in a school near Bannerghatta Road. Parents of children in schools like DPS North, National Public School and others said classes were held as usual. “…If only more thought was put into educating people about Girish Karnad on this day,” said Ashish Kumar, a parent and theatre lover.