BENGALURU: Senior Congress legislator R Roshan Baig, who in an audio clip was accused by the founder of a financial firm of refusing to return Rs 400 crore, has denied any dealing with the firm and claimed the allegations were a conspiracy hatched by his opponents within the Congress to defame him. In an audio clip that was widely shared, Mohammed Mansoor Khan, founder of IMA Jewels purportedly claimed Baig, the Shivajinagar MLA, had taken Rs 400 crore from the firm and had sent goons to threaten him when he asked for the money to be paid back. Baig denied the claims.“I doubt the veracity of the audio clip as this is the second time that my name is being linked to IMA’s financial transactions recently,” Baig told TOI. “On June 1, a message on WhatsApp said I would stand guarantee for investments made in IMA company and that I would safeguard returns.” Baig, who was in New Delhi to attend a function, said he will file a case with the cyber police. The Shivajinagar MLA also shared a WhatsApp message allegedly put out by the IMA management which stated: “We the management of IMA are working hard day and night to make sure IMA’s transactions fall back on track in a week from now and we have left no stone unturned to achieve the same. We are optimistic and confident that this temporary volatility will pass by soon in a week’s time and business will blossom like ever.. Also, we would like to highlight few unwanted messages affiliating IMA Group with certain political parties or political leaders been circulating in social media and misleading the local population. The IMA group follows a strict Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) and has never partnered with any organisation, company, trust or individual.” Baig said he was open to an inquiry even if is conducted by the CBI. “I spoke to the Bengaluru city police commissioner this morning on the issue,” Baig said. “How is it possible for me to have taken Rs 400 crore?” In a tweet Baig said his association with the IMA group was as a legislator and strictly on the basis of social work — especially at VK Obaidullah School, which functions on a public-private partnership model — in his Shivajinagar constituency. “There are several contractors and private companies, who participate in development work in my constituency. I am not part of their company in any way,” Baig tweeted. “I request people and my constituents not to pay attention to fake forwards and discard false information doing the rounds.” Baig said Siddaramaiah had visited the school two years ago when he was the CM and had commented on the institute’s excellent infrastructure.