It’s not even a No 2 priority. Let’s say the five women cops at the High Ground Traffic Police Station are not flush with options when it comes to using a restroom. That’s because the police station does not have a separate toilet for the lady cops. Recently, the High Grounds Traffic Police Station, located opposite the Race Course, was renovated, thanks to the Bangalore Turf Club, which got the leaky roof fixed. The police station was given a fresh lick of paint by the police department but no one thought of adding a bathroom for the women constables in the station. The women constables say that they are forced to walk 200 metres to the closest Pay and Use toilet, which charges Rs 2 and Rs 10 to pee and poop. Or they can make do with the single toilet in the police station, which is being shared by 119 personnel. “Many VIPs pass through this road but none of them is bothered about the lack of basic amenities at this police station. I cannot ask my senior officers to fix this problem, otherwise I will be charged with disciplinary action,’’ says a woman police constable on the condition of anonymity. The pay and use toilet is not open every day. The workers at the toilet keep it open based on demand. On many occasions, we’ve found these toilets closed — A woman constable Speaking with Bangalore Mirror, another woman police constable said that the Pay and Use toilet was of not much help to women police constables. “The Pay and Use toilet is not open every day. The workers at the toilet keep it open based on demand. On many occasions, we have found these toilets closed. We have no other option but to suffer in silence,’’ says a woman police constable. The police station’s premises is not on a par with other stations. For one, the roof is very low and till now, the roof was leaking. “We are now happy to have a metal roof. Earlier, the roof was leaky. There would be no place for us to stand in the police station during the monsoon because the roof would leak in many places,’’ said a police constable. Meanwhile, Traffic Police Inspector Dayanand M G has said that he had instructed the workers at the Pay and Use toilet not to collect money from women police constables. “All of us have no problem with the toilet at the police station. Women police constables are also using it. I have not received any request seeking a separate toilet for women police constables. I am paying money to the workers at the toilet for allowing women police constables to use the toilet,’’ says Dayanand.