The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation’s (KSRTC) gamble to run Basaveshwara bus stand (next to Peenya Metro depot) hasn’t paid off. For the last few years, the KSRTC has tried every trick in its book to woo commuters but to no avail. Faced with mounting losses, KSRTC is now planning to raise non-transport revenue — basically, making money from leasing the depot rather than from running services. S Rajesh, Chief Traffic Manager (Commercial), told Bangalore Mirror: “The vacant spaces in all bus stations have been partly rented or leased out. At Basaveshwara bus stop, we have 40 shops and a few of them are leased out and we are planning to lease out the rest too. There is also vacant land adjacent to the bus stop. We are planning to develop that too for use. It is still in the planning stage and we will do whatever is feasible as we have various options for utilising the land.” Shivayogi C Kalasad, Managing Director of KSRTC, added: “Recently, on a visit to Mysore bus terminal, I observed a number of vacant spaces. I have asked my department to lease them out along with those at Basaveshwara bus station. Priority will be given to government agencies for leasing out.” However, KSRTC still hopes to bring in customers with some tweaks. “We are incurring some losses due to lack of passengers at Basaveshwara bus stop but we are also working on ways to attract people here. The main road is 0.75 km from the bus stop, so we are planning for a travellator that connects to the Peenya metro station for ease of traveling. We cannot cancel the services from the bus stop once again as it connects Peenya to various parts of the city and now there is metro too,” said Rajesh. “The KSRTC bus stand at Peenya was a flawed plan from the start. It is far from the main road and people are forced to walk quite a bit. Though there are a few BMTC buses which operate to the bus stand, they are not sufficient. Instead of forcing the passengers to board the bus at Basaveshwara terminal, KSRTC should take a cue from the Kerala model. Currently, the Kerala Transport body operates buses from Basaveshwara bus stand to various destinations. So, KSRTC can also plan direct buses to Mysore, Tirupati, Chennai, Hyderabad and other sections via Majestic so that people staying in and around Peenya can board the buses to various destinations,” said NK Manjunath, who stays close to the bus stand.