It is not just the investors that were cheated; the Managing Director of I Monetary Advisory, Mansoor Khan, managed to make Government VK Obaidullah School his personal fiefdom. While students were admitted only if the parents had invested in Khan’s Ponzi scheme, ‘teachers’ were ‘appointed’ by him on the basis of their investment. (We’ve used single quote marks for teachers since some of the staffers told Bangalore Mirror that most had failed in SSLC and were not qualified to be appointed.)In 2016, Khan had adopted the Government VK Obaidullah School through I Monetary Advisory Council, the charitable arm of his group. After spending Rs 16 – and a year – the renovated school was thrown open. On June 11, 2017, while inaugurating the refurbished school, then Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had said: “This school has been a dream of Roshan Baig, which has turned into a reality with the help of the IMA group. (IMA group MD Mansoor Khan had accused Shivajinagar MLA Roshan Baig of taking Rs 400 crore for him and never returning it; Baig, however, refuted the charge and said that he had no dealings with the IMA group or Khan).On the condition of anonymity, a government teacher said that the IMA group had appointed 90 teaching and non-teaching staff at the school, bypassing all norms. “Majority of the teachers are not qualified to be teachers. Most of them are either SSLC graduates or had failed in SSLC. A lady who had invested Rs 8 lakh in IMA was assured of attractive interest on her investment and a job plus salary. Now, she’s lost everything.” It is alleged that ever since the makeover, IMA group had virtually taken over the school. There are 11 teachers for high school and two for higher primary school. One teacher said that IMA wanted all government-appointed teachers to be transferred to other schools. “Their objective was to take control of the school. I am compelled to work three days here and three days at another school. There was a threat to my life for questioning their authority. We have written many letters to the higher authorities but nothing was done,” the teacher said.