The High Court said that the accused being a woman, there was no fear that she would threaten the witnesses and therefore can be released on bail. The HC in its judgement granting bail said, “As the investigation is completed and charge sheet has been filed and the petitioner being a woman, the apprehension of threat as regards the witnesses is not grave. Taking note of the fact that it is a matter for trial as to whether the petitioner has committed an offence and it is also to be observed that the offence is said to have been committed by the petitioner by making use of the vegetable cutter and in the peculiar facts of the case whether the petitioner makes out grounds in the nature of defence or mitigating factors is also to be established in trial. It is also to be noted that even in the remand application the prosecution has stated that the continued detention is not required. Noting that the proceedings in bail cannot be construed to be the proceedings for punishment, it is a case that has been made out for enlarging the petitioner on bail.” The woman and the 35-year-old man were in an illicit relationship for the previous two years despite both being married to other persons. On March 29, 2018, neighbours called up the police upon hearing cries from the woman’s house. When the poilce entered, they found the man dead and the woman blood-stained.