BENGALURU: Sanjaynagar was a sea of blue on Friday as children wearing masks hit the road to promote awareness against air pollution and the need to rein it in. Track the pollution level in your city. More than 1,500 students from 17 schools formed a human chain on Sanjaynagar Main Road. Wearing the anti-pollution masks, they waved placards that read, “Walk to school and cycle to school to reduce pollution, save trees.” Their enthusiasm had commuters making way and cheering them. Mohamed Shahid, a class 10 student of SYA High School, told TOI, “Air pollution is mainly caused by construction work, heavy transport and burning of garbage. As children, we can’t stop construction work, but we can use our feet and cycles instead of commuting to schools in cars.” The lack of last-mile connectivity is one of the biggest contributors to pollution, he felt, adding that walking and cycling will also keep people healthy. Kaveendra Srichakradhari, a class nine student from SYHS, said: “I get ready early in order to cycle to school; this helps me manage time better.”