BENGALURU: If you have been wondering why your friends and other users have been changing their display pictures (DPs) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to a plain blue image, you are not alone. Joining the Mattar Blue movement, which has taken social media platforms by storm, Bengalureans are changing their profile pictures to raise awareness about the Sudan crisis and show solidarity with the people of the African nation.In Sudan, protesters are demanding the transitional military council hand over the power to a civilian government. Last week, the country’s security forces opened fire on unarmed protesters holding a sit-in outside the military headquarters in Khartoum. Doctors and activists said over 100 people have been killed since. What is Mattar Blue “What happens across borders won’t stay there. There was an internet shutdown in Sudan and bodies of protesters were thrown in the Nile, according to a report, but no one is talking about it anywhere in the world. At least changing DPs will pique people’s curiosity and may raise awareness,” said Madhu Iyer, a writer. She changed her WhatsApp DP to blue on June 7 and received many messages asking why. “I usually put up quirky DPs and the change made people think something was wrong,” Madhu explained. She said several of her acquaintances got to know what was happening in Sudan because of her move. According to Taj Zehra, a student, the change in DPs is not just a trend but a step towards saving humanity. “It is about raising awareness on the atrocities happening around the world. We’re oblivious to them because we are so busy scrolling through unnecessary feeds,” said Taj, who changed her DP on Instagram and WhatsApp. Sara Fathima, a writer, said when a French monument could get people to post status messages on solidarity, the Sudan issue deserved to be highlighted as well. “It may seem frivolous but that we are trying to draw attention to it is important,” she said. Though Raksha (name changed) didn’t know much about the crisis, a message from her friend pushed her to change her picture. “Some of the biggest revolutions began through social media platforms. This shouldn’t be seen as just a trend. The fact that an Indian is standing up against the atrocities against Africans shows the power of social media. The change in DPs might just push the international community to take note,” said Fiza Khan.