BENGALURU: It was around 3.25am on Friday. The streets in Manyata Tech Park, near Nagawara, wore a deserted look. Two men — Rajkumar and Dilip — both in their late twenties broke into a locked house in the locality through the terrace. Seconds after the duo gained entry, a smartphone in the US started buzzing. Its owner, Parthasarathy, also the owner of the Bengaluru house, received an alert, indicating his property was under attack. The motion sensors and alarm system he had installed in the building had sensed movements on the premises.Parthasarathy, a retired civil engineer, remotely logged into his home’s CCTV feed and found two men ransacking the house. At 3.30am, he alerted two of his neighbours in Bengaluru, and also put out an alert in the residents’ WhatsApp group. Woken up by the message, one of the neighbours alerted police and a team of eight cops in two Hoysalas arrived at the spot in the next few minutes. Meanwhile, some other neighbours too stepped out, but without raising an alarm. “Soon after seeing Parthasarathy’s message, I called police. I had advised them against using sirens as the thieves were still inside the house. The cops first surveyed all the exit and entry points to the house. As they prepared to act, Dilip, who had reached the terrace again, spotted them,” a neighbour told TOI, requesting anonymity. It was about 3.50am. Dilip managed to get on to the second floor from the terrace, then to the first and jumped to the ground. “Armed with an iron rod, he threatened to attack us. Swinging the rod, he started running and managed to get past all of us. While some of us, including our dog, chased him for over a kilometre, we could not catch him,” the neighbour added. While all this drama played out, Rajkumar was still inside the house. The neighbour handed over the spare keys of the house to the cops, who used the same to gain entry. Once inside, police found the house completely ransacked, but couldn’t spot Rajkumar. “There were no signs of forced entry. Police then went to the terrace, where they found the door and grill broken; Rajkumar was hiding under a chair,” the neighbour added. “Rajkumar told us he arrived from Nepal only last week and that this was their first attempt at burglary. We are looking for the other person and will have more clarity once we nab him,” said police, who have detained Rajkumar. Once bitten, twice shy While Parthasarathy’s tech-savvy ways saved his house on Friday, the elaborate security installations didn’t always exist. About seven months ago, when he was in Singapore, unknown men had burgled his house and made away with valuables, including jewellery and cash. He was forced to cut short his stay there and rush back to Bengaluru. The first thing Parthasarathy did was to install motion sensors and CCTV cameras inside the house. While the motion sensors capture movements in his absence and send an alert to his smartphone, the CCTV cameras allow him to see what’s going on at home.