BENGALURU: Equipped with measuring tapes and mobile phones, children, youths and other residents of Bellandur began mapping their tree wealth on Sunday. In all, 32 trees were mapped in an hour by the participants of Bellandur Tree Census, a joint initiative of Project Vruksha and Bellandur Jothege, a citizen changemaker group. The exercise will continue on every Sunday for the next three months. Project Vruksha aims to geo-tag and map trees of Bengaluru and update the BBMP’s tree census data using its own mobile phone application, Vruksha. The participants clicked photographs of the trees, measured their girth, identified the species and uploaded the same on the app. Kishori Mudaliar, founder of Bellandur Jothege, said Bellandur volunteers aim to create a living record of mapped trees which will include details like girth and species and also identify hazardous trees so that BBMP could protect them. “We want our trees to survive the onslaught of urbanisation,” said Kishori. The exercise is focused on ensuring citizen participation to make it a sustained campaign. “Our volunteers will train others, who, in turn, will train more people on how to use this app,” said Anand Singh, a resident of Bellandur. “Together, we mapped Pride of India, tabebuia, jungle jalebi, bohemia, large-leaf mahogany, gulmohar, pongam, Singapore cherry and subabul trees,” said children, who enthusiastically in the Sunday drive. “Tree tagging also means learning in detail about the trees and their ecological value, when they flower and how they benefit humans,” said tree doctor Vijay Nishanth. “When you tag a tree, you build a bond with it,” he added.