BENGALURU: More than 200 employees of the IMA Group are among the 35,000 people who have accused founder-owner Mohammed Mnsoor Khan of running a Ponzi scheme. These employees submitted their complaint to the DCP (East) in private as they feared they would be attacked by the other investors many of whom they encouraged to join the scheme. DCP (east) Rahul Kumar Shahapurwad said the employees had submitted their original documents while joining the IMA Group and sought them back so that they could apply for other jobs. Police sources said the employees admitted to pushing people to invest in the firm in return for incentives. They also took responsibility for the funds on behalf of their employer and assured huge returns. A preliminary probe puts the employees’ own investments at Rs 2 crore. They were afraid of coming in the open as they feared they may be attacked. On condition of anonymity, one employee said the staffers knew the company wasn’t doing well but Khan and other directors assured them they would bounce back. Several attempts were also made to bring the company out of the red. “We had no option but to trust Mansoor as we had also invested money,” the employee said. While some employees put in their money on the promise of good returns, others did so under pressure from their superiors and the owner, the employee said. “The directors or Mansoor or even the managers would often tell us that people had placed their trust in the company and being employees, what was stopping us,” he said. People from other states file complaints Police were unable to wind up the temporary chowki set up to receive complaints as investors of the IMA Ponzi scheme poured in from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu as well on Sunday. The number is now crossing 35,000, police sources said.