Though law does not allow sale of animals without registration, such deals thrive on online ad, social media platforms You can shop till you drop online, but not for pets, you can’t. The law does not permit sale of animals online, if done by unregistered shops or persons. Despite this, many online platforms such as Quikr, and even social media pages allow the sale of pets on their platforms. Quikr had announced that it had banned sale of pets on its websites but it continues to indulge in the practice. The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore has filed an online petition, demanding action against the violators of the law. Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, founder of the trust, says, as citizens promote adoption of pets, breeders post advertisements as ‘up for adoption’ on Quikr. “But when you call, the breeders say it’s not for adoption but sale and a puppy would cost about Rs 10,000 or so. I have reported it several times to the website but in vain. I have seen more than 24,000 listings on the website,” she says. According to the Pet Shop Rules 2018, a person running a pet shop should register with the state animal welfare board. If that is not done, the shop can be sealed. “As Quikr sells pets on their platform, they should register themselves under the Pet Shop Rules 2018. But, they cannot do so as they are an Indian classified advertising platform. The website should be shut completely,” she says. Another animal lover and volunteer with Charlies Animal Rescue Centre (CARE), Isha Javeri, adds, “Quikr is misleading. These online sales only add fuel to the industry by advertising so blatantly. It’s like ordering food. I have seen videos on social media platforms where they show the dogs mating to prove the pedigree. We then get dogs that are overbred to our centre.” She claims that the social media sites do not bother to take down these videos.