Hitting back at Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy for accusing the BJP of attempting to bribe one of his party MLAs, the saffron party’s state chief B S Yeddyurappa Wednesday asked him to name those involved. If the Chief Minister did not give out the names before levelling such allegations, it would be seen as though he was suspecting his own party MLAs, Yeddyurappa said. Speaking to reporters here, he said the Chief Minister was making allegations against the BJP “out of desperation.” “We have said we are not involved in such things…18-20 Congress-JD(S) MLAs are disgruntled, take them into confidence and work unitedly towards the development of the state… Still 70 per cent of the state has not received any rains, there is severe drought, let’s work together, as opposition we will also cooperate, is what we have said,” he added. “Unnecessarily by saying that someone from BJP offered Rs 10 crore to someone in JD(S), why are you bringing down the respect of your own members. What is the benefit from it?” Yeddyurappa asked. Addressing a public meeting at a village in Ramanagara on Tuesday, Kumaraswamy had said relentless efforts have been made to pull down the government and he knew who have been behind it. To back his claim,the chief minister said one ofthe JD(S) MLAs had received a call from a BJP leader on Monday,who said the government’s fall was imminent and if he agreed (to switch sides), he would dispatch Rs 10 crore at his location. Kumaraswamy, who did not reveal any names, said the BJP leader had also claimed that 10 MLAs from the ruling coalition were with them, and the government was going to fall. ‘BSY took Rs 20 crore from JSW’ Meanwhile HD Kumaraswamy has alleged that BJP state chief BS Yeddyurappa had taken Rs 20 crore cheque from the JSW Steel when he was the state CM. “I’ll discuss everything in the Assembly session. BS Yed