Empty plots are being used to dispose and burn plastic waste With several shops and establishments being raided for plastic, especially in Yelahanka zone, many are disposing their plastic bags by dumping them in a vacant plot at Singanayakanahalli, near Yelahanka RTO. Residents and passers-by have complained that after accumulation, violators burn them which leads to dense fumes. This is just not a solitary case, such burning dumps are also seen in Jakkur, Puttenahalli and Harohalli. Citizens have also complained about auto tippers mixing garbage and dumping it on these vacant plots. Annapurna, an assistant professor, complains of unauthorised dumping at a vacant plot in Singanayakanahalli. “I pass that area where garbage is dumped every day. And after a few days, the garbage is burned. This plot is near a Jarakbandekaval Forest area, there are also several schools and colleges around here,” she says. Another resident of Jakkur, Roy highlights a similar situation behind the Jakkur Aerodrome. She says even construction debris is dumped here. “The smoke from all the garbage burning is damaging to both people and animals in the area,” she says. Some civic volunteers clean these black spots but since there is no monitored by the cvic authorities, the cleaned areas turn to black spots again. Ranganathan G, a civic volunteer and an IT consultant, says, “Despite several complaints, no proper action is being taken by the civic body near the Puttenahalli Lake. He says, “I have reported this issue to the health inspectors and also the BBMP commissioner Manjunath Prasad. He said he will look into it. If the issue is not resolved soon, I will have to write to the National Green Tribunal and the commissioner.” Ranganathan believes that if contractors pick the garbage being from these plots every day, this issue will be resolved. Randeep D, additional commissioner, BBMP, says since many plots are disputed lands, it’s difficult to identify the land owners. “We will be installing CCTV cameras in these areas find out which one of our vendors has been violating the rules. They will be blacklisted. Also, by the end of this month, we will have marshals deputed to these wards. This should help to make the situation better,” he says.