On Thursday morning, a birthday surprise was awaiting police constable Vishwanatha as he was on duty at CPR Double Lane on Race Course Road. High Grounds (Law and Order) inspector, Sadiq Pasha , and his team had come over to celebrate Vishwanatha’s birthday. The team surprised him on the road while he was on duty and cut the cake. The policemen celebrated Vishwanatha’s birthday on the roadside. Inspector Sadiq Pasha, who has taken this initiative, said that it is a gesture to instil a feeling of belongingness in the staff and it will also motivate them to work together as a team. “Every cop can be great provided he should be encouraged publicly for the good deeds. We can bring a change in the society,” he said. Starting off with Vishwanatha’s birthday, Sadiq Pasha said that the birthday celebrations will continue in the future and even if he is posted elsewhere, he would celebrate it with that team as well. The police team has now made a list of everyone’s birthdays in the station and will it up on the beginning of the month. RELATED NEWS