As clouds of uncertainty hoover on the coalition government, the Congress is said to be open to an idea of reviewing the truck with the JD(S) after six months. Supporters of Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Siddaramaiah are saying that the party high command has agreed to review continuation of the coalition government after six months and decide on whether to continue the alliance with the JD(S) or not. Sources said that All India Congress Committee (AICC) president Rahul Gandhi, during his one-on-one meeting with Siddaramaiah is said to have informed that he is open for a review after six months. During the 45-minute closed door meeting at Gandhi residence, the Karnataka leader is said to have informed the latter that further continuation of an alliance with the JD(S) is not good for the Congress, particularly in the old Mysuru region, where both are arch rivals. Siddaramaiah is also said to have told that continuation of coalition with JD(S) will only accelerate the grass root party workers to shift their base to the BJP. The Kuruba leader is said to have pointed how adversely the alliance impacted the Lok Sabha election results as the JD(S) didn’t work for the party candidates. After hearing Siddaramaiah, the Congress president is said to have explained that it is not the right time to sever ties with the JD(S). Meanwhile addressing media conference on Thursday, former prime minister HD Deve Gowda said that he recently met Gandhi and made an appeal to him to ensure that State Congress leaders didn’t speaking against the government. RELATED NEWS CM HD Kumaraswamy says he is in pain everyday to run coalition govern… Jun 19, 2019 JD(S) state president Vishwanath quits over poll debacle Jun 05, 2019 Congress-JD(S) coalition government to stay in Karnataka May 24, 2019