BENGALURU: Besides the more than 41,000 cheating complaints investors have filed against I Monetary Advisory (IMA), police are also registering separate cases against different entities owned by Mohammed Mansoor Khan, the firm’s founder-owner. The first of these complaints was filed against IMA Pvt Ltd by Khan’s own friend and business partner Mohammed Khalid Ahmed, accusing the founder-owner of cheating him of Rs 4.8 crore. Similar complaints have been filed against IMA Jewels Pvt Ltd, IMA LLP Pvt Ltd, IMA Bullion and Trading LLP Pvt Ltd and IMA Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. Ankhit Sanghvi, a businessman from Avenue Road, on June 16 filed a complaint accusing Khan of cheating him of Rs 9.8 crore. “We regularly supply gold articles to IMA,” Sanghvi states in his complaint. “Recently, I supplied gold articles worth Rs 9,83,26,858 to IMA Jewels, Lady Curzon Road. Khan’s office issued a cheque for the amount, but it bounced. Khan and his men have cheated me.” Similarly, a 49-year-old homemaker from south Bengaluru said she had invested Rs 5 lakh with IMA Credit Cooperative Society Ltd in February this year. “I wanted to invest the money for a year and IMA officials had promised a monthly interest of at least 2%,” she states. “They had also said that there was no fixed rate of interest and I would be paid anywhere between Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 per Rs 1 lakh every month. I received one instalment of Rs 4,000. I had saved the money for my daughter’s wedding.” Businessman Irshad Yusuf Sheikh has filed a complaint against IMA Bullion and Trading Pvt Ltd, accusing the firm of cheating him of an investment of Rs 29 lakh.