BENGALURU: The Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd (KSDL) will give prominence to Kannada on 43 of its products, including the world famous Mysore Sandal Soap. This follows a recent assessment by the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) about the use of the state’s official language in the company’s marketing strategy. It led the company to print the brand and product names in Kannada on its products. KSDL managing director MR Ravi Kumar said, “Kannada and the local state language are used in marketing all our products. For example, if our products are sold in Andhra Pradesh, the words will be in Telugu and Kannada. When sold in Hindi-speaking areas, they’ll be in Hindi and Kannada.” For products sold globally, KSDL will use English as the primary language along with the local language of that nation. “Introducing Kannada for the export market has not yet been considered,” said Kumar. Also, the 103-year-old company will use photographs of Mysore Sandal Soap creators – Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar and his diwan Sir M Visvesvaraya – on all products sold worldwide. Board’s nod awaited The state government has given its concurrence for using their photographs and the KSDL board’s approval is awaited. The idea to promote the founders came after a spike in demand for its sandal incense sticks. “We initially mooted branding of our sandal incense sticks as ‘MV 100 sticks’ in recognition of Sir M Visvesvaraya’s contribution. Soon after the meeting with KDA a few months ago, we decided to acknowledge Wadiyar’s contribution in starting the company,” said Kumar. The company’s turnover in 2018-19 is Rs 700 crore with a net profit of Rs 110 crore, while 2019-20, the turnover is estimated to rise to Rs 900 crore with a net profit of Rs 150 crore.