BBMP is constructing a footpath for pedestrians to easily navigate traffic The KR Puram – Tin factory junction is perhaps one of the worst stretches in the city in terms of traffic congestion. Navigating through the KR Puram road is a nightmare for not only the motorists but also for the pedestrians. The vicinity of the KR Puram railway station means that there are more people on foot in the area, where a proper footpath is not even there. The pedestrians are forced to walk amidst the vehicles on the main road making them prone to accidents. Much to the relief of the people, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has commenced the work to construct a footpath, on Thursday, and will stretch from the Tin factory to the KR Puram railway station. The footpath is being constructed on the side of the railway station, while metro construction is underway on the other side. The BBMP engineer-in-charge said, “The footpath will be of 2 – 2.5 meters in width. The work has already begun and will be completed in about two weeks’ time.” The stone slabs that are being on side of the road is already helping the pedestrians to walk without the fear of being hit. The stretch had been encroached by vendor and was cleared recently. A traffic police official said, “10,000 people, on an average, alight at the railway station every day which is why the number of pedestrians is really high in the area. From tin factory to the railway station, several patches of the footpath had been severely damaged while in some places there were not anything at all. We realised that the pedestrians are facing problems because of the lack of a proper footpath. So, we proposed the plan to BBMP a month ago.” While any construction on the main road is likely to cause great discomfort to the commuters, the footpath construction will not be a hindrance to the passers-by, he explained. Regular pedestrians on this route have welcomed the initiative. Vishnu K, a daily commuter from the KR Puram railway station said, “It used to take me more than twenty minutes to reach the station from the bus stop. At the same time, I had to navigate between the vehicles at a great risk as the footpath is improper. I hope that the authorities finish the work at the earliest so that the pedestrians feel safe.”