A joyride turned harmful for four people after a ride in Bengaluru’s Wonderla amusement park malfunctioned. The news came to light Friday afternoon after a video of the mishap went viral on social media. Advertising In the video, a capsule of a thriller ride—The Hurricane— in the amusement park is seen tilted on the ground with four men stuck in between. The ride looks similar to a fan with three wings (capsules) which has a seating capacity of eight (four in front and four behind). The injured are seen sitting on a dislodged capsule bearing the weight of the machinery on their knees crying out for help in pain. Wonderla staff members are seen at the spot trying to help people get out of the ride. The Hurricane, a ride in Wonderla Bangalore, which looks similar to a fan with three wings (capsules), each with a seating capacity of eight (four in front and four behind). Express Photo The injured were rushed to BGS hospital where they are under treatment now, Bidadi police told indianexpress.com. Reflecting on the incident, sub-inspector Harish said that the mishap took place following a power failure. “The staff were manually lowering the capsules to the ground to help the people get off the ride but they lost control due to some technical error. This led to the capsule toppling which resulted in four people who sat in the front side getting stuck with their legs trapped in between sustaining injuries,” he said. He added that no case was registered as the injured has not approached the police yet. Police officials further said they were unaware of the incident as the staff at Wonderla did not inform them on the same. However, the police have obtained the statements of the injured.