BENGALURU: ‘Home sweet home’ is known by a mind-numbing array of names: Cemetery, flyover, stop, ghar, mane, mom, GF or BFF. This was what Bengaluru-based delivery platform Dunzo found in a survey of the names of the addresses it delivered documents to. Dunzo delivers anything – from food to documents to Halloween costumes – and operates in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.”We saw some weird saves (for naming homes). There were people who had saved home addresses as ‘Ex-es’. Another user had saved addresses as ‘old boyfriend’ and ‘new boyfriend’,” says Sai Ganesh, creative head of Dunzo. Asked what one sends to an ex, Ganesh responded, “A pair of scissors, perhaps? Old love letters? God knows. We just deliver.” ‘Sex 57’ was among most unusual saved locations Among the weirdest saves was ‘Sex 57’, which had the Dunzo team wondering if it was just a door number. Dunzo said there were some who saved their friends’ addresses by their nicknames: ‘Pimple Gaurav’, ‘Pranks Priyanka’, and ‘Chocolate Boy’. Listing out its most-common saved locations, Dunzo said ‘ghar’ took the top place with 13,419 deliveries, ‘Mane’ at the second place with 11,103 deliveries, and ‘Adda’ at 587 deliveries. In ‘its all relatives’ section, ‘Mom’ led with 1,671 deliveries, ‘Bhaiya’ with 214 deliveries and ‘Dadi’ with 312. In the near-and-dear section, ‘GF’ came winner with 543 deliveries, ‘Bae’ at the second place with 526, and ‘BFF’ the third with 93 deliveries. There were no surprises on student accommodation, and Dunzo found ‘PG’ was at the top spot with 26,626 deliveries, ‘Hostel’ 20,385 deliveries and ‘College’ 4,106 deliveries. In the home section, some entries were puzzling. While ‘Home sweet home’ with 2,944 deliveries seemed perfectly normal, there were others like ‘Real home’ and ‘Second home’, which made the team wonder if there were fake homes or parents’ places one could crash at. Among strangest addresses were ‘Bus stop’ with 592 deliveries, ‘Cemetery’ with 239 orders and ‘Flyover’ with 155 deliveries. People chose to save home location as ‘Haveli’, ‘Darling’s house’ and ‘Love’s Nest’. In a matter of regional pride, some saved their houses as ‘Kannadiga’.