BENGALURU: About 40 police personnel are in line for a stern rebuke for sloppy conduct after a high-profile jogger snapped them meandering around instead of focusing on the job and staring at mobile screens instead of managing traffic. The jogger took the pictures during his early-morning trot through Richmond Circle, Shoolay Circle, Cubbon Park, Hosmat hospital junction and Johnson Market intersection on Thursday and Friday. He shared them with senior officers, who were stunned by the unusual sting and the status of the runner — Bengaluru’s new police chief, Alok Kumar, captured the evidence of the laxity in the force.The pictures showed at least five traffic constables glued to their phones, and around 15 law & order officers and 20 Hoysala patrol vehicle staffers doing everything other than policing. Jurisdictional officials, including deputy and assistant police commissioners, had a lot to answer following Kumar’s sting. He told TOI he would continue these runs and surprise inspections, dressed like any other early riser. “Every morning, I jog around 5 km. Lately, I have been selecting different routes in the Central Business District. This serves two purposes: it helps me stay fit and enables me to inspect police stations and personnel on a particular route,” Kumar said. The police commissioner has also something planned for after hours: he will make checks at noisy night-life haunts. “There have been complaints that bars and pubs play loud music. Starting today (Friday), I will visit them,” he said. “Friday night is the beginning of the weekend so the cacophony will be at its peak. Stern action will be taken against establishments violating norms.” Kumar took charge as the new police commissioner on Monday. At a meeting with officers of the rank of inspector and above the next day, he warned that he would show up at police stations unannounced to check if things were in order. He assured officers that he would support them if they delivered results, but there would be consequences for any lapse in discharge of duties. He asked officers to give greater importance to cases of chain-snatching, robbery, murder and other serious crimes. Inspectors must arrive at the crime scene in 10 to 15 minutes after receiving information about the incident. They must summon history-sheeters regularly and keep an eye on their activities, and they should also track new troublemakers in their jurisdictions. Kumar visited the Madiwala police station on Monday and the Ulsoor Gate, JJ Nagar and Upparpet police stations on Tuesday.